Josh Schwartz is an American screenwriter and television producer. Alongside of Stephanie Savage, he too is best known for his work on Fox's The O.C. and The CW's Gossip Girl. In 2010, they co-created Fake Empire Productions. Currently, he and Savage serve as showrunners for Runaways, Hulu's comic-based adaptation of the same name.


Since September 20th, 2008, Josh Schwartz married Jill Stonerock in Santa Barbara, California. They have two daughters together.

Josh Schwartz became the youngest person in network television history to create and run a series when The O.C. premiered on FOX. He next launched Gossip Girl and Chuck. In 2010, he and Gossip Girl co-creator Stephanie Savage launched Fake Empire, an entertainment company whose name was inspired both by the song from The National, and from the fact that so many of the fake things they created were getting remade as reality shows.[1]





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