Eiffel is a recurring character on Season One and Two of Runaways.


Not much is known about Eiffel's past though she's had close ties with Chase Stein at Atlas Academy. Despite her feelings and attitudes for Chase, she ignores and looks down upon his other friends.

Throughout Runaways

Season One

In Reunion, Eiffel joins Chase Stein as they walk across Atlas Academy's campus. Chase walks by Karolina Dean, who wishes him a beautiful day. As she continues on her way, Eiffel smugly states she can't believes that he was ever friends with Karolina.

Later that day, she's manages dance squad tryouts as a new girl girl, Hanna, finishes her routine. She complement her and she calls up the next participant, Molly Hernandez. She watches on as Molly begins her routine, but she suffers from cramps and is unable to finish. Eiffel suggests that she go to the meditation center to breathe through the pain or to go see the nurse. Disappoint, Molly turns to leave as she calls up the next participant.

In Fifteen, Eiffel confronts Karolina after Chase and Brandon get into a fight. She blames and accuses Karolina of getting "drunk" and hooking up with both Brandon and Lucas at the previous night's party. The same party where Chase broke one of Brandon's ribs and now their State Lacrosse title is in jeopardy. Karolina attempts to persuade her otherwise, but she calls Karolina a "lightweight drunk" and a "lacrosse-ruining slut" and storms away.

In Refraction, Eiffel is working with the dance squad, producing a video to show at Atlas' parent night. As the squad finishes their routine, she berates Brittany and demands that someone show her how to do an "eigth-count". Molly approaches Eiffel though she, not so eloquently, doesn't remember her. Molly inquisitively asks if there was a spot open on the team. Eiffel thinks for a moment and offers her team manager. Excited, Molly believes that she's be working on routines and designing uniforms and athleisure trends. However, Eiffel informs her that the job would be more like washing towels and filling up water bottles. Molly doesn't refuse Eiffel and accepts what she's offering. Eiffel thanks her and calls her "Mia". She and the rest of the dance squad proceeds to throw their towels on to or at her as they leave.

In Doomsday, Eiffel and a few other girls are busy sells tickets to the non-holiday specific, seasonal dance, "The Ebell of Los Angeles". Alex briefly pauses at the booth, but she, coldly, informs him that the dance doesn't concern him. However, as Chase walks by, she calls his name. She gives him her apologies after hearing about his dad who's undergoing surgery and chemotherapy for an aggressive form of cancer. She tells him that "sometimes a bad thing has to happen for something good to come of it" and hands him a ticket to the Ebell, a free ticket she offers. She extends the offer by saving him a dance with her, though he declines her offer, unsure if he'll even attend. Annoyed with Chase's response, she turns to Karolina, asking if she wanted a ticket. She follows up the offer by telling her that the the water polo team will be there, in case if she was looking to "diversify". Fed up with the snide comment, Gert talks her purse out and demands five tickets, claiming that they'll all go, together.

Later that night, Eiffel is escorted by Brandon to the dance. She briefly exchanges looks past Chase, ignoring him as she enters the ballroom.


Physical Appearance

Skills and Abilities

Eiffel has the average physique of a fit, teen-aged girl. Though she has not exhibited any notable skills, she is proficient in physical activities such as Dance squad routines.


Season One
Season Two



Reunion (1x01)

Fifteen (1x04)

Refraction (1x07)

Doomsday (1x09)

Old School (2x04)

Rock Bottom (2x05)


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